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Monday, January 19, 2009

Siem Reap-Kampong Kdei

Total Distance:60.24km
Total Time:3h46m05s
Average Speed:16.0km/h
Maximum Speed:22.9km/h
Total distance so far:2407.93

I had planned to make it all the way to Kampong Thom today. It is about 140km from Siem Reap, which is completely doable. However things never go as planned, and the day was anything but smooth. The head winds persisted. I've been riding in nothing but head winds since Hua Hin. It's started to get to me a little. After spending two months averaging in between 18-20km/h, these 16km/h days are a little disheartaning. Non the less, I'll continue to push through. I refuse to take a bus. The idea of it seems way to normal for me. Aside from the head winds the day was going alright. I set out at a decent time, stopped only for enough time to glug a little bit of water and, all things considered, was making decent time, until... I had changed my tires a couple of days prior. Since, the rear tire had gone flat, which I was hoping was due to the bad Siem Reap roads. No such luck! One of the wires must have been bent, causing a slow leak, because about an hour and a half into the ride I had yet another flat. There, on the highway, in the blistering heat, I had to pop them off and put my touring tires back on. It wouldn't have been that bad if not for the fact, that was again, I drew a crowd of Khmer men. It's sort of nerve racking changing your tires with a bunch of people starring at you.
Due to the delay I didn't hit Kampong Kdei until about 2pm. Fearing I wouldn't hit Kampong Thom by nightfall, I opted to spend the night there. There were a few guesthouses to choose from, surprisingly. I could have gone a little further, but was unsure of what the accommodation situation would be in the upcoming towns.
At least I had a light day of cycling, and set myself up for a light day to follow.

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