On November 4th Fred the bike is embarking on a six month journey across Southeast Asia. Starting in Singapore, Fred plans to make his way up the west coast of Malaysia, across Thailand, Cambodia, up through Vietnam and into Laos. After that... who knows? Fred invites you to follow him through his adventure. Any advice from fellow travelers is always welcome.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mai Chau-Quan Hoa

Total Distance:96.54km
Total time:7h03m38s
Average Speed:13.6km/h
Maximum Speed:45.0km/h
Total Distance So far:6433.79km

Last night's sleep was one of the best I've had in a while. It was quiet... so quiet! I fell asleep actually able to hear the sounds of birds chirping, of the wind blowing and the fish splashing around in the pond. I took an early night, as I was pretty beat from the day. Around 11:00 I awoke to the faint sound of of traditional Vietnamese folk music in the background. It was beautiful. The soft beating of the drums was a great sound to hear right before you close your eyes and drift off.
The next morning I was off for another crack at those mountains. I've never sweat so much in my life. It's hard, still there is something so self satisfying about it. It really does give you a sense of accomplishment when you stop at the summit and peer down at what you have just done. The road is in pretty good condition. Again, this is a big improvement over the trip to Delat.
There were few problems today. Fred is still doing okay. My only complaint was a run in I had with two guys in a truck. They stopped to ask me if I wanted a lift. I'm starting to get a little worried that I won't make it to Laos before my Visa expires, so I said yes. At this point they laughed and drove away. All's well that ends well though, I made it to Quan Hoa.
The hotel I stayed at was a total rip off. $10Us/night, and not very clean I might add. However, when there is only one hotel in town, you are left with no option but to pay whatever they are asking. I had another bad dinning experience too. I ordered chicken and rice. The chicken they brought me still had fur on it. Do you see the problem with that statement? That's right, chickens (at least the last time I checked) don't have fur!

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