On November 4th Fred the bike is embarking on a six month journey across Southeast Asia. Starting in Singapore, Fred plans to make his way up the west coast of Malaysia, across Thailand, Cambodia, up through Vietnam and into Laos. After that... who knows? Fred invites you to follow him through his adventure. Any advice from fellow travelers is always welcome.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hin Gnome-Vang Vieng

Total Distance:73.48km
Total Time:4h34m16s
Average Speed:16.1km/h
Maximum Speed:49.0km/h
Total Distance So Far:7068.54km

I broke the 7000 mark today. Yeah for me! It was a little bitter sweet, as I thought I would have done it a couple of weeks ago. The ride today was good. Surprisingly my legs were not as sore as I thought they would be. It actually went a little easier than yesterday. The terrain was still easy in comparison to those massive mountains in the North. It is slowly starting to get steeper and the inclines are increasing. In a way it is good. I'm slowly easing myself back into the groove of things.
I reached Vang Vieng just after mid-day. I was a little on the fence about coming here. It's somewhat of a Frat-Boy's paradise. When I got here I discovered it is exactly as I thought it would be. Shirtless college boys roaming the street, beer Lao in hand. Every restaurant plays re-runs of "Friends". That is, with the exception of two. One of them plays "The Simpsons" and the other "Family Guy". Don't get me wrong, I like half naked drunk twenty year old boys just as much as the next girl, but in moderation. Being in a place where the streets are flooded with them is a little annoying.
Despite the crowd here, Vang Vieng is quite breathtaking. It is situated among rivers and limestone peaks. There are plenty of caves and villages to check out in the surrounding area, which is what I imagine I'll be doing for the time I am here. I don't intend to spend that long here. Maybe a day or so. I'm eager to get back to the peacefulness of Northern Lao and to make my way into Northern Thailand.

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